Neuropathology Workshop


TIME: 08:00 - 17:00

Cost: €175 (regular) and €95 (student)

**Pre-registration is required - To register please click here​

Workshop Overview:​

Basic Neuropathology of Age-Associated Neurodegenerative Diseases

Irina Alafuzoff, Johannes Attems, Kurt Jellinger, Melissa Murray and​ Dietmar Thal


The workshop is intended to provide the participant with an understanding of the basic neuropathological features of age associated neurodegenerative diseases. This will include neuropathological hallmark lesions (e.g., amyloid-β plaques, neuritic plaques, neurofibrillary tangles/ threads, Lewy bodies/ neurites etc.) and an explanation how these lesions are assessed to classify diseases (e.g., neuritic Braak stages, amyloid-β phases, CERAD score, NIA-AA criteria, McKeith Criteria etc.).

The workshop will consist of both lectures and practical sessions; over 250 scanned (immuno)histological slided are already available to be examinded using Aperio software and participants can easily access those slides using their own laptop/ tablet/ iphone. By attending this workshop the participant should gain a solid and lasting knowledge about the basics covered (e.g., difference amyloid-β plaques vs neuritic plaques and why this difference matters).

It is felt by the workshop organizers that unfortunately many colleagues working in the field often lack such basic knowledge and hence some of the scientific work is considerably flawed at a very basic methodological level (e.g., comparison between CERAD scores and PET amyloid imaging data). Yet, the organizers believe that basic principles of neuropathology in neurodegeneration can be understood by non-neuropathologists and such an understanding should be helpful not only in interpreting neuropathological data but also in the planning and conducting of respective scientific studies.

Of note, the workshop is not intended to showcase most recent neuropathological developments that would be of interest to an audience already familiar with neuropathology. Therefore the workshop should be of interest for students, PhDs and physicians.

Before the workshop (3 to 4 weeks) participants should receive electronic handouts with main topics that will be covered (e.g. staging scoring criteria) and list of selected references.

Participants should bring their own device (laptop, iPad etc) to access data (slides) that are provided online.

Most sessions are divided into lecture and practical parts. Lectures will be interactive, ie participants are encouraged to ask questions. During practical parts participants will have access to electronic slides and should apply the lectures contents (e.g., lecture covers Braak stages, participant will assign Braak stages to various cases).

To view the full workshop program, please click here​​

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